Mobile App Development

Mobile phones have become an indispensable part of our lives. We cannot go anywhere without them let alone do anything without them. A well thought out mobile app in the hands of your customers can be a very powerful thing. With a mobile app you have a direct link with your customers. This means instant two-way communication. You can talk to your customers and more importantly your customers have a direct line to you.

At Synergy Kinetics we develop mobile apps that are creative and modern using the most up to date standards and stack of technologies. When developing mobile apps at Synergy Kinetics, we make use of the Progressive Web App (PWA) methodology which ensures that your mobile app can be easily distributed.

Progressive Web Apps make use of the technology of the web to develop mobile applications that run on any mobile platform regardless of the underlying operating system. All that is needed is a modern-day web browser. The mobile app can be accessed through the browser and if desired be installed to run from the users mobile phone like a standard app.

With a Progressive Web App, you will benefit from the speed that comes with the system since since PWA have a smaller data compared to their native mobile app counterparts.