About Synergy Kinetics

Synergy In Motion.Following a lean approach Synergy Kinetics offers affordable professional Website Design and Internet Marketing as well as related services for international clients. Apart from services in web design and Internet Marketing, the services provided spans a range of solutions from ecommerce with online payment systems including services in online payments and credit card payment as well as online bill processing services. Services in search engine optimization (SEO) and online marketing and social media management are also offered.

Synergy Kinetics is socially conscious and subscribes to the belief that social responsibility is a duty which should not be taken lightly. Its interests are focus on transforming lives by leveraging on the power of collaboration. This ideal is carried throughout the website design and web development approach in social interactions.

SynergyK.Com aspires to be a source of valuable information on Website Design, Internet Marketing and technology related matters by providing informative resources in the form of posts, articles and video tutorials with an emphasis on web based technologies.


At the core of the Synergy Kinetics business philosophy when offering web design and web development services is the importance and value of the people factor which I believe is crucial in providing practical and effective as well as sustainable technical solutions for either website or web application development.


Embracing the most recent in technological advances over the web, and leveraging the tools at my disposal as well as through collaboration with partners on the ground, I am able to execute all phases of website design and web development project cycle starting from consultation through to successful implementation and deployment from remote locations. With this technological advantage at my disposal, it is possible to conduct web based business operations in a virtual environment where vastness of distance is reduced through the convenience of interactions in cyberspace. For those circumstances when physical meetings become necessary I rely, where possible, on the support of technological partners on the ground in various locations.


My view is that technology- the web in particualr is there to serve the people. Coming from this perception, Synergy Kinetics has a strong culture for research and development into ways of more effectively applying website design and web development techniques and associated technologies to better serve the people whose lives those technologies impact and influence.


Kids Holding Hands.Synergy Kinetics is socially conscious and subscribes to the belief that social responsibility is a duty which should not be taken lightly and should be extended beyond the provision of web design and web development related services. I therefore undertake to actively get involved at various levels with the people and the communities with whom I interact depending on means and practical limitations. Most of this social involvement is through donating my time either to do free or highly discounted work or provide free training and training resources.



Whether in developing a website or a web application, I greatly appreciate the value of partnerships and collaborative efforts in order to reach milestones otherwise impossible single handed and form partnerships intended to complement strength with businesses and well placed and suitably qualified individuals.