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Video PlayersDrawing on experiences acquired over time, Synergy Kinetics offers training for web based technologies and platforms as well as social media. The web is playing an ever bigger role in the lives of the ordinary individual as well as the daily operations of business in significantly greater proportions.

Our lives are increasingly becoming defined by activities conducted online. It is with this realization that synergy Kinetics offers training in a wide range of web based technologies and platforms related to the services on offer.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth so much more. Synergy Kinetics produces videos especially developed to facilitate training exercises and to serve as tutorials.

The videos take the format of incorporating video segments made up of slides as well as screen casts showing actual mouse movements with voice-overs explaining the activity at hand. the combination of still images and video is a powerful way to convey important lessons which makes it more interesting to the target audience.

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